MDU Resources is Building a Strong America®

A strong infrastructure is the heart of our economy. It is the natural gas and electricity that power business, industry and our daily lives. It is the pipes and wires that connect our homes, factories, offices and stores to bring them to life. It is the transportation network of roads, highways and airports that keeps our economy moving. Infrastructure is our business.

We provide essential products and services through our two lines of business: regulated energy delivery and construction materials and services.

Our company was founded in 1924 as a small electric utility serving a handful of farm communities on the border of Montana and North Dakota. We realized early the value of delivering a variety of services, and grew our company by developing businesses around our expertise.

Today, MDU Resources is a Fortune 500 company with operations, customers and employees across the country. We have approximately 16,000 employees during peak construction season and are authorized to conduct business in 46 states.

MDU Resources is the largest publicly traded company headquartered in North Dakota. Our stock has traded since 1948 under the symbol MDU on the New York Stock Exchange.

We have paid dividends uninterrupted to our shareholders for 83 years. We have increased dividends 30 consecutive years, a feat accomplished by fewer than 90 of the U.S.-listed companies. Our commitment to paying dividends is reflected in our membership in the S&P High-Yield Dividend Aristocrats index.


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