Knife River Corporation

Vision, Mission and Guiding Principles

Our Vision

With integrity, create superior shareholder value by expanding upon our expertise to be the supplier of choice in all of our markets while being a safe and great place to work.

Our Mission

Provide value-added natural resource products and related services that exceed customer expectations.

Our Integrity Code

Commitment to Integrity

We will conduct the corporation’s business legally and ethically with our best skills and judgment.

We are all responsible for conducting the corporation’s business in accordance with all legal requirements and with high ethical standards. We will not tolerate illegal or unethical behavior in the conduct of the corporation’s business.

Commitment to Shareholders

We will always act in the best interests of the corporation and protect its assets.

Every director, officer and employee of the corporation has a duty to protect corporate property, maintain its financial integrity, and provide its shareholders with timely, accurate information. We will not let personal interests conflict with the interests of the corporation.

Commitment to Employees

We will work together to provide a safe and positive workplace.

The corporation’s employees are its most important asset in providing a competitive advantage. Our commitment to our employees is based on a firm belief in the value and dignity of the individual. The corporation and all employees will maintain an environment in which each employee can perform effectively and efficiently. This commitment can be met only where there is a shared sense of responsibility for the overall performance and well-being of the corporation and its employees.

Commitment to Customers, Suppliers and Competitors

We will compete in business only by lawful and ethical means.

We will be our customers’ supplier of choice in all of our markets by seeking competitive cost advantages and providing high-quality products and services. The corporation and its employees will be honest and fair in their business dealings and will not be involved in unfair or illegal trade practices.

Commitment to Communities

We will be a responsible and valued corporate citizen.

The corporation and its employees have responsibilities to the communities where we work and do business. We will be valued members of our communities and conduct the corporation’s business in a manner that respects and promotes the quality of life in those communities.