A message from the president and CEO about Diversity

At MDU Resources Group, integrity is our core value. Everything else is built on that cornerstone.

We strive to deliver superior products and results to our customers and shareholders, and to do it with integrity. That process starts from within, by providing an atmosphere of respect and inclusion, where our employees can share ideas and best practices.

Diversity is not a catchword here. We operate in diverse lines of business. We operate in diverse geographic areas. And we succeed because we embrace the strengths of our diverse workforce.

David L. Goodin
President and CEO
MDU Resources Group

MDU Resources' Diversity Statement

MDU Resources is committed to an inclusive environment that respects the differences and embraces the strengths of its diverse employees to further its corporate vision.

Diversity is a Business Strategy

An inclusive work environment is important for several reasons. One of them is so employees can produce their best efforts, which creates results that contribute to their success and the company’s success.