'With Integrity'

Our vision statement starts with the words "with integrity" because we believe that is how we should approach everything related to our business, including the environment, the communities we serve and our stakeholders.

Through operational practices and by leading or participating in a number of programs, MDU Resources helps ensure a viable environment. These practices include minimizing waste and maximizing resources, supporting environmental laws and regulations that are based on sound science and cost-effective technology, and complying with or exceeding all applicable environmental laws, regulations and permit requirements.

MDU Resources makes a positive impact in a variety of ways in the communities where we conduct business. Among the ways MDU Resources makes an impact is the salaries paid to more than 11,000 employees, the taxes paid at federal, state and local levels, donations to charitable organizations, and the infrastructure and equipment investments we make.

MDU Resources also gives back to the communities we serve by making charitable contributions. To date, the MDU Resources Foundation has given approximately $30 million to worthwhile charities, civic groups and organizations.

MDU Resources bears tremendous responsibility to our employees. Safety and health are a core principle to maintaining a quality workforce, and our senior management is committed to providing a safe and healthy work environment. MDU Resources makes continued investments in safety training to meet the needs of our individual business units and employees. The corporation also supports learning through career-development training and educational opportunities.

Much of a corporation's responsibility is now being categorized as its "sustainability." Sustainability is important to society because it ensures resources, services and products will be available to sustain life in a manner that is expected. A corporation's commitment to sustainability also is important to shareholders and customers because it helps ensure that a business will remain viable into the future.

MDU Resources' "Leading With Integrity Guide" is the company's Code of Conduct. The MDU Resources Vision, Mission and Integrity Guide is the foundation of our conduct as employees and as a corporation.

We offer an ethics hotline where employees and third parties can confidentially ask questions, file a report, or express concerns about potentially unethical or unlawful behavior by calling toll-free 1-866-294-4676 or visiting http://ethics.mdu.com.