Building a Strong America®

MDU Resources is Building a Strong America®

A strong infrastructure is the heart of our economy. It is the natural gas and electricity that power business, industry and our daily lives. It is the pipes and wires that connect our homes, factories, offices and stores to bring them to life. It is the transportation network of roads, highways and airports that keeps our economy moving. Infrastructure is our business, and we are building a strong America.

MDU Resources Statement on COVID-19

As the situation with COVID-19 (coronavirus) continues to evolve, MDU Resources Group’s first priority is always the safety and health of our employees and the public. While we have modified certain processes to ensure employees’ well-being, our operations continue at near-normal conditions. Customers can be assured that we will continue to provide the essential electricity, natural gas, and energy and transportation infrastructure that they need and expect from us.

Our operations remain strong and active, and we continue to maintain a sound financial position to execute our business strategy. Our employees are proud of the work they do and are very dedicated to serving our customers.

We know how critical electricity, natural gas, and energy and transportation infrastructure are to the country’s ability to respond to and overcome this pandemic. We assure you that MDU Resources is equipped and able to fulfill our obligations as we continue Building a Strong America.®

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Deal Overview

Undisclosed buyer
Actual Acquirer:
Undisclosed buyer
Empresa Catarinense de Transmissão de Energia S.A
Deal Type:
Agreement Date:
Announcement Date:
Announcement Deal Value ($ 000)
Short-term and Current Long-term Debt ($ 000)
Cash and Cash Equivalents ($ 000)
Current Investments ($ 000)
Inventories ($ 000)
Obligations under Capital Leases ($ 000)
Postretirement Benefits ($ 000)
Announced Transaction Value ($ 000)
Completion Date:
Announced Deal Value Per Share ($ )

Deal Terms
Description of Consideration

The terms of the deal were not disclosed.

Accounting Method Acquisition
Merger of Equals? No
Geographic Expansion? NA
Goodwill Generated ($ 000) NA
Estimated Cost Savings (%) NA
Est. Restructuring Charges ($ 000) NA
Termination Fee ($ 000) NA
Exchange Ratio (Common For Common) NA
Exchange Ratio (Common For Preferred) NA
Exchange Ratio (Preferred For Common) NA
Exchange Ratio (Preferred For Preferred) NA
Strike Price ($ ) NA
% of Shares Outstanding NA
Shares Under Option NA